Palimpsest Panther
  1. My evening is filled with smoke, ash, graphite, and grapes. 

    I’m relaxing on my balcony as I draw my latest commission necklace.  I love to smoke hookah while working on pyrography.  I love the connection of smoke from the pipe to my own burning work.  

    I also love how distressed my hookah looks.  She’s sturdy and the smoke pulls cleanly, but she clearly has been battered around.  I see parts of the intended beauty of the original design, but mostly I watch as the bubbles churn inside.

    It does make me feel a little lonely, though.  Hookah should be passed among companions.  I wish I had a friend here who would just sit with me and smoke as we both worked on pieces of art.  We’d get excited watching our works progress together, but most of the time we’d just listen to the music, pass the hose, and keep letting our creative juices flow. 

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    Sometimes those moments alone are what we need.
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